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Welcome to Amber Oaks Ranch, a 70-acre homestead situated just south of Thorndale, TX, only 35 miles east of Austin. Established in December 2015 by John and Molly Pantalone, the ranch serves multiple purposes. Our goal is to secure a sustainable future for our family and community by practicing regenerative agriculture. At our ranch, we offer a range of wholesome experiences for visitors to enjoy. Our high-quality meat products are available for purchase on-site or at local farmers' markets.



At Amber Oaks Ranch, we raise grass-finished beef using a rotational grazing system. Our cows are moved to fresh, pesticide and chemical-free pastures every day, allowing them to graze on a diverse mix of grasses and legumes. Our calves are raised on an all-natural diet of only grasses and legumes, ensuring that the meat you purchase from us is of the highest quality and as healthy as possible.



We raise our chickens on a true pasture-based system. Our flocks are free-range and moved to fresh, chemical-free grass daily, allowing them to forage and thrive in a natural environment. This results in a healthier and more flavorful meat for you to enjoy.

3 Red Wattle Pigs on Pasture


Our pigs are raised in a chemical and pesticide-free environment. They live on pasture and in woods foraging for food all year round. Our pigs have access to everything they need to live a healthy and stimulating life, including shade, shelter, wallows and vegetation. Our pigs are able to live in a natural and sustainable way.



We take pride in raising lamb that is not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably raised. Our lambs are raised on chemical-free pastures, where they are free to graze on a diverse array of natural grasses, herbs, and flowers. We rotationally graze our herd, and we never use hormones or antibiotics. This not only results in meat that is more flavorful and nutritious, but it also promotes biodiversity and helps to improve the health of the land.

Our Buyers Club boxes are a great solution for those who don't have enough freezer space for bulk meats. As a member, you'll receive a monthly delivery of high-quality meat at your local farmer's market the first week of each month. Plus, you'll get a 10% discount on all other purchases. With a membership, you'll have the peace of mind that you'll always have access to your favorite cuts of meat - our club members' boxes are filled first to guarantee availability. Sign up now and never worry about running out of delicious, high-quality meat again!

Take advantage of our great deal on our pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken when you buy in bulk!

All of our prices are based on hanging weight. When you place your order, we will discuss the different options for packaging and cut selection with you.

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Laura Denton
Laura Denton
February 11, 2024.
Excellent quality and taste. Once you have their meat you’ll never go back!!
Jamie Smithson
Jamie Smithson
November 7, 2023.
We have been purchasing our meats from Amber Oaks for well over a year now at the Elgin Farmers Market and are always thrilled with the quality of their product. John and Molly post a newsletter on a regular basis that shows the reality of the hardships (and of course victories, no matter how small) that come when your livelihood is dependent on nature. They have a great philosophy for doing what they do and are great stewards to the land and animals they farm. Give them a try, you will not turn back!
Cecilia Adamson
Cecilia Adamson
November 6, 2023.
This Farm and these people are the real deal . They are committed to the best care for their animals and for the land. As a wonderful result they offer the highest quality products .From their Beef , Pork and chicken . To their Superb Turkeys . I am a very happy customer for over 6years . Many Thanks to their efforts . Cecilia Adamson
Wendy Prekas
Wendy Prekas
October 13, 2023.
You Must Go To Taylor Market Square!!! I have been visiting the Taylor Farmers Market for a couple of years now. The Pavillon at the downtown Taylor Square is a great way to get protection from this intense Texas Sunshine!! The amazing People/Vendors are the best! The quality of products all farm fresh, handmade one of a kind items that you will NOT find anywhere else. My favorites are the Milan "The Krautfather" who sells The Best Sauerkraut I have ever eaten. His Sauerkraut is one of the reasons I keep going back to the Market! Yes, it's that good. Fair warning....he is just as spicy as the Sauerkraut! ;-) Karen who sells the best micro greens and mushrooms this side of 79. Another one of those reasons is her quality product. Since I have been eating her micro greens, my health has improved and my "numbers" are improving dramatically. You are what you eat!!! FOOD AS MEDICINE, she's got it! The most unique one was the young couple with a new baby who sells 3-D printed art. It is some of the most unique and interested items very popular with the Star Wars Fans. They also had a handmade peacock made with the most detail that sparkled like a diamond when bathed in sunlight...was so memorable. Beautiful. Then there's the Steve from Coupland Honey Company (FARM) who sells the best Honey, Eggs and garden produce that will make your mouth water. I had some of the best heirloom tomatoes, eggplant and okra this summer from their garden. The Tangled Mane is another one of those handmade Vendors who sells leather goods. Her name is Mary, sweet lady who can custom make just about anything. My custom made wallet was exactly what I asked for along with the custom bracelets for my family. There is a vendor who make fresh baked artisan breads, another who has the best the Gourmet Popcorn, Nanny Goat Salsa, Coffee vendor (so good)...there are so many great Vendors who are the nicest people and have some of the best things around the area you will not find in any store. The handmade decor for your home is another draw as these items are so unique and beautiful you won't find anywhere else but at the Taylor Market Square. Want to impress someone at Christmas?.....look no further! One of my absolute favorite is Debbie P. who sells Flowers! Her Garden must be like EDEN as she brings it every time she's there. On occasion, there is live music from a local Musician, which adds to the flavor and flare of this wonderful place. It's laid back, easy going and has that "how things used to be" vibe. There is a small but nice play space right next to the pavilion so your little ones can burn up their energy while you shop. The Bathrooms are right next to the Market and kept clean for the most part. OH! and I can't forget the amazing Molly P. who runs the show! She is amazing human who truly cares for the people. The meats from her FARM is absolutely the best around town. She is a powerhouse of a Woman and can make just about anything happen. Her FARM is one of the best around the area and offers so many Family friendly events throughout the year. So, the next time you want to "Go to Market", make the trip to Taylor Market Square. Your loyal FAN, "The WonderfulWon" Wendy
Golden Timez
Golden Timez
June 9, 2023.
Absolutely amazing to have the option to find real food!!! I recently found them in Elgin Texas the site was clean the product was some of the best meat 🍖 i have been able to find in a very long time the service was good and the quality was 10 out of 10 keep up the good work I extremely appreciate hard working people and you can totally notice this through there amazing products 👏
Nadia S
Nadia S
April 6, 2023.
John & Molly are passionate regenerative farmers. I have been purchasing their grass fed/finished beef for years & the quality / customer service is always the best
Kelli Foulkrod
Kelli Foulkrod
July 30, 2022.
Stellar ranch run by wonderful people! You can't go wrong with their approach to regenerative farming. Do yourself a favor and find them at the local Texas Farmers market!
Shane Mayeaux
Shane Mayeaux
September 10, 2021.
I found Amber Oaks at the Pflugerville farmers market, and started off with some ground beef. I was truly amazed at how much beefy flavor it had so I had to go back for more. I went for the lamb, eggs, and some beef roasts... And now I'm signed up for regular orders! Its also pretty cool to get to talk to John and see why I enjoy what he produces so much. He's got a great vibe and clearly enjoys what he does.
Duke Duong
Duke Duong
June 17, 2021.
We usually get their eggs and meat at the Pflugerville farmers market. Every time it's always a pleasure interacting with John and Molly! Their eggs are super rich and dark yellow. Signs of healthy hens! And their meats are always fresh and tasty. Also their ordering process for custom pickup really helps during quarantine. And I love how transparent they are about their homestead and methods in their newsletters. It's nice to be connected to your local producers.
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