Welcome to Amber Oaks

Amber Oaks Ranch is a 70-acre homestead just south of Thorndale, TX (about 35 miles ENE of Austin). It was established in December 2015 by John & Molly Pantalone.

The purposes of Amber Oaks Ranch are threefold: to provide a secure future for ourselves and family, to put into practice the regenerative agricultural practices we’ve learned, and to provide a wholesome experience to our friends and neighbors.

Our meat is available for purchase on farm or at local farmers markets (see below).



Our cows are born here on the ranch and are rotated through pesticide and chemical-free grassy pastures every day.

Our calves eat only grasses and legumes thus ensuring you receive the most natural, healthy meat possible.



All chickens are free range and truly pastured!

Flocks are moved to fresh, chemical-free grass daily, and fed non-GMO grain.



Our pigs live continuously on chemical and pesticide free pasture rooting for forage.

They have access to shade, shelter, and wallows as well as vegetation, enjoying a healthy and stimulating environment year round.

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Farmers Market Sechedule:

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