About Us

Amber Oaks Ranch is a 70-acre homestead just south of Thorndale, TX (about 35 miles ENE of Austin). It was established in December 2015 by John & Molly Pantalone.

The purposes of Amber Oaks Ranch are threefold: to provide a secure future for ourselves and family, to put into practice the regenerative agricultural practices we’ve learned, and to provide a wholesome experience to our friends and neighbors.

The cornerstone of Amber Oaks Ranch is a pastured meat-based operation.  We raise beef, pork, and poultry on pasture – the way it should be.  In the future, we hope to build a customer butchering facility and teaching homesteading classes to our friends and neighbors.

We believe that it is vitally important to feed the mind, body, and spirit with unadulterated truth. We are alarmed by the current state of education and agriculture and are concerned for the welfare of the people we love. To this end, we have established Amber Oaks Ranch in order to help people reclaim their freedom through independent living and to establish wellbeing through healthy nutrition.

Meet the Owners

Howdy, I am John Pantalone, the owner of Amber Oaks Ranch.

I grew up in Georgetown, TX where I married my high school sweetheart Molly. We both went to Texas A&M University (class of '91) where I studied Civil Engineering and Molly studied Architecture, Anthropology, and then earned a teaching certificate.

I was commissioned an Army Officer in 1992 and served 6 years on active duty. I currently work for a global company in the power generation business providing technical sales support for machinery repairs.

We have 3 children who are out on their own now and 4 grandchildren.

Our homestead.