And More Water – Part I

And More Water – Part I

As everyone is suffering from post-election exhaustion here in the USA, we at Amber Oaks are focused on ways to distance ourselves from those who wish to rule us. 

I’m just about finished with our rainwater catchment system. Before we left Santa Fe, I scored three 1500gal direct burial cisterns for $2,400. That’s like waaay cheap.  My intent was to sell one to recoup some of the expense (I certainly don’t need all this water storage), but I got wrapped up in the moment. 

A 1″ rainfall will produce 2,800 gallons of rainwater that will run off of the roof, into the gutters, and, through a series of buried pipes, into the cisterns.  Any overflow will be captured in a small pond before being dispersed in several swells that will comprise our orchard. The 4,000 gallons of rainwater held in the cistern will be pumped to hose bibs to irrigate the garden, trees, and any crops we grow. 

We still have to improve the pond and build the swales, but we’re ready to catch the autumn rains that are already pouring down. 

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