Chicken Business

Chicken Business

Last week we started a batch of 100 Cornish Cross broiler (meat) chickens with the intent to raise on pasture and sell at the farmer’s market. We are prototyping the system with 100 birds, but hope to get up to batches of 300, as chicken is a high volume – low margin game.

A chicken tractor is effectively a mobile pen that provides protection for the birds yet at the same time allows you to move them to a fresh patch of grass daily. They will still be feed an organic ration, but the grass and bugs they eat gives the meat a much better flavor than conventionally raised birds. Needless to say, we will not give them antibiotics and clip their beaks like the factory chickens. The sunshine, fresh air, fresh grass, and plenty of exercise keep the birds healthy and clean.

Of course this costs more than factory farming, but we hope our customers agree that the taste and health benefits are worth it.

Stay tuned to track the progress of our chicken venture.

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