We’re in the Cattle Business

We’re in the Cattle Business

So after several weeks of building fences and other preparations, we finally have cattle on the ranch. We have 9 adults and 5 calves that I bought from my father-in-law. The two cows that don’t have calves should be bred, so I’m off to a good start. These are Black Angus crosses.  Additionally we purchased 11 young heifers and a bred yearling from a fellow on Craigslist. When they’re full grown, this will max out our land holding capability. I’m sure I’ll cull down by the end of the summer.

We took a trip to a ranch (sastexbeef.com) about an hour away to look at some more. They have Murray Grey crossed with Piedmontese that I’m taking a fancy too.  It was an interesting setup with a huge variety of animals. They even had Bison. They have been selling beef and breeding stock direct – something I aim to do soon.

I’m also interested in getting some pure Brahman. I have the idea that white/light colored cattle will do better – even though the markets discounts them. I want to see what a Murray Gray x Brahman will look like.

But for now, I hope to make some money on what I have to fund some of the more select breeds referenced above, and ultimately start selecting for beef quality in order to sell directly to the consumer.

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