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A Look at the Numbers

Monday, November 18, 2019

We’ve been in the home for 2 months now and are wrapping up the build.  Still have a few odds and ends that hopefully will be complete in 2017.  But at this time I think it’s safe to publish the numbers – what it took to pull this off.  I’ve made a separate page for the details, but if you’re interested in additional details or want house plans, feel free to send me a note.

Overall, the total project cost me $190,000 out of pocket.  However, I did my own design, general contracting, and about 50% of the labor.  That being said, I think this project would have cost  $260,000 if you were to ask for a turnkey build.  It’s also worth noting that we used top-notch materials (porcelain, granite, maple cabinets, etc.).  Contractor grade would have brought the cost down about $30,000.  Another thing to point out, there are several infrastructure costs to living out in the country that the average homeowner doesn’t have to pay for – septic, well, driveway, etc.  These things are a significant outlay, but remember, you only pay once – no monthly bills.

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