A Solid Foundation

A Solid Foundation

I have been struggling to get a contract together on my building. I spent a months with a fellow in Thorndale (Andrew Unnash) before he quit taking my calls, then several months with Meuller & Whirlwind getting the design right (while coincidentally looking for someone to erect it).  My thought here was that at least I could place the order while getting quotes for erection. As I approached a final design with Meuller, I learned that a welded fabrication (as opposed to bolted construction) afforded me more flexibility with respect to door and window locations (closer to the columns) and that it could be cheaper to boot. With that in mind, I got a list of installers from Meuller and started the process again.  

Additionally, my neighbor (Heath Scruggs) gave me a bunch of contacts – one of which was Kooter Kirk. Well, I wasted a month with Kooter trying to get him to provide a contract.  The good news is that Kooter turned me on to Chris Hammack (BD Concrete) to get my foundation done.  Chris had a few weeks between jobs, and in short order, I had the foundation poured.  

Of course, this short cycle process required me to hurry up with the sub-foundation plumbing and electrical work.  But with the help of my father-in-law Robert Hammack (and Mike Hammack) we were able to get it done. I am still searching for a builder, but at least I have made progress –I now have a solid foundation.

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