Goodbye Santa Fe

Goodbye Santa Fe

We’re all packed up and moved out.  We made our final push on the 16th of June to vacate the house.  It was had day of packing – trying to fit it all in the cattle trailer we borrowed from a friend.  Unfortunately we didn’t have room for everything.  Had to leave the sheep (3), my mobile chicken coop, and a cultivator, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go back – time to move on and get this experiment started.  We had so much stuff, I had to rent another 40′ Sea van to put it all in (its actually cheaper to rent the Sea van than self-storage, plus you don’t have to haul it again).

I’ve been edgy for several weeks.  Lots of projects to do at Amber Oaks, being separated by 3 hours was a significant obstacle.  I just wasn’t motivated to work on anything at Stillwater as I knew I would be leaving soon.    So I’m glad to be just 15 minutes away now. We are staying with Mary Jane & Robert Hammack (Molly’s folks) until our house is built.  I’ve spent several hours at the ranch since we’ve been here, working on various things that needed to be done.  I have a huge list, so there will be no shortage of work.  Katelyn and I finished the roof on the well house, and I wired in my air compressor.  The heat is brutal, but I hope to get a few hours in in the morning and evening (between my day job).  The builders dropped off their equipment and materials this week, and will start in earnest next week – exciting!  My overhead doors are being delivered on Monday, and I ordered my appliances yesterday.  Hopefully the windows will show up next week too – don’t want to delay the builders.

Since things are finally progressing, the posts will be coming more frequently.  Keep checking back, and check us out on Facebook for impromptu updates.

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