Happy New Year

Looking back on 2015…

We got serious about moving this summer.  There was 70 acres next to the in-laws that was rumored to be coming on the market and I spent many an hour in dreaming and scheming how to buy it, but it did not come to pass. In passing, Michael and I went driving the local country side looking at land and we stumbled on what is today Amber Oaks Ranch. That was in August. We made a ridiculously low offer and continued looking elsewhere – but we kept coming back to it. It was by far the only viable piece of land we could afford, and it was beautiful. We made a few attempts at buying it with ever increasing offers, but the seller was set on his asking price ($385,000). After being frustrated at what we were seeing elsewhere (and what they were asking) I called the owners agent to get some insight as to what would close the deal. After some prying and creative bargaining, we had a contract. We settled on $365,000 with my realtor (Bo Brassfield) giving up half of his commission (after all, I had found this property before signing with him).

Though having a contract doesn’t guarantee we own it, I set about designing the house and making arrangements to move. As you can see from previous posts, we now have three trailer loads moved into a Connex, and I’ve started contacting the agencies necessary to start building (water, electricity, county, etc.).

All-in-all, I’d say 2015 was a good year. We’re certainly positioned well for take-off in March 2016 when we close on the land.

I hope your dreams are coming true as well, and that each day of 2016 brings you one step closer to liberty.

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