What’s in a Name

I’ve been asked a couple of times where we got the name Amber Oaks Ranch.  I must confess, choosing a name is a difficult task – especially in the internet age, as finding an available domain is difficult.  Amber Oaks Ranch is located in the historic community of Shiloh, TX, so naturally I was trying to incorporate Shiloh into the name of our homestead.  Initially we named it Shiloh Meadows, and that worked for a few weeks- but it just didn’t tickle that itch.  While reviewing the boundary on the survey, I came across the name Amber Oaks.  It is a subdivision of 4 houses that at some point in time was cut out of the main property (if you look at the satellite imagery you can clearly see this).  After repeating the name a few times we landed on Amber Oaks Ranch.  I hope it tickles you!

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