A SNAP Decision

A SNAP Decision

Texas offers a helping hand to low-income families through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), enabling participants to use their SNAP cards at many of the Farmers Markets we frequent. I must admit, I was doubtful we’d have a customer use SNAP benefits to purchase our meat. After all, it’s no secret that the cost of factory-farmed proteins at grocery stores is significantly cheaper than our pricing. Now when I say cheaper, I mean dollars per pound. I contend our proteins offer greater nutritional value – but I’m getting off topic.

Well, imagine my surprise when a young couple with a newborn baby started counting up their tokens to purchase some of our chicken (tokens are used at the market to facilitate vendor reimbursement). My skepticism immediately turned to elation. I was so excited to see someone placing such a high priority on what they consume. This, to me, was a clear sign that our message is resonating. People are consciously rejecting the propaganda about fake foods and are voting with their dollars – even when they have very few of those. They are choosing to prioritize their health, making sacrifices now and playing the long game, aware that these sacrifices will yield dividends in the future.

There is also a program called Double Up which offers to match dollar-for-dollar if the participant purchases Texas grown fruits and vegetables. This is a great idea to encourage people to choose more nutritious foods over highly processed foods. But why limit it to fruits and vegetables – why exclude meat? My conspiratorial mind immediately ties this to the many WEF and UN initiatives (like COP28) that deter (and outright penalize) people from eating meat, claiming somehow that meat production is destroying the environment. I will refrain from getting on my soap box again as I realize I’m preaching to the choir. Instead I’m going to fight fire with fire.

In a move to even the odds and inspire everyone to enjoy the benefits of healthy, pasture-raised meats, we’ve decided to introduce OUR version of the Double Up program. Amber Oaks Ranch will now match every SNAP purchase dollar-for-dollar. That’s a 50% discount to SNAP participants! Of the markets we attend, only the Elgin Market and Chapparal Crossing Farmers Market offer SNAP, but many other local markets are joining the movement.

I’m not sure how many of you qualify for SNAP, but perhaps you know someone who does. Perhaps your church or civic organization has programs that offer assistance to lower-income families – let the organizers know and let’s spread the word. We are committed to healing the land, body, and soul of our community.

See you at the market!

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