New Year – New Market

New Year – New Market

The Transformation of the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market

February 2024 vol. 3

The Pflugerville Pfarmers Market holds a special place in our hearts as not only one of our first market ventures but also as our most successful market.  Our introduction to the market in 2018 came through our friend Norma, who would later establish the Taylor Farmers Market. At that time, we were novices in the vendor scene, with just a handful of pop-up markets to our name. The Pflugerville market, with its sizeable weekday crowd, diverse array of vendors, live music, and array of special events, offered us a promising platform.

Over time, this market became more than just a sales venue for us – as our customer base grew, so did our connection to the community and to our fellow vendors. The Pflugerville Pfarmers Market is still our top performing market, despite its seasonal closures each winter. Those closures coupled with the slow restart every spring made it challenging to maintain customer engagement and loyalty, so we did our best to find ways to extend the market season.

We offered pre-orders at the market’s location during the winter months while the market was closed, and we collaborated with other vendors and the Immanuel Lutheran Church to host a Winter Market during the 2021 and 2022 winter season. These solutions, while helpful, were stopgaps at best.

The market faced its share of challenges from 2020 to 2022, with COVID restrictions necessitating a move from the Green Red Barn to the parking lot, compounded by additional relocations due to the renovation of that parking lot and the Green/Red Barn. These changes, coupled with limited promotion from the city, led to a noticeable decline in both vendor participation and customer turnout.

Even with the return of the market to the barn for the 2023 season it has yet to regain its former size and vitality. So, it wasn’t a surprise when we learned last week that the city had contracted Farmer George markets to take over management of the market.

We have not participated in a market hosted by Farmer George, but we are eager to forge a strong and enduring relationship with them and to help foster the sustained success and flourishing growth that the market vendors and the Pflugerville community richly deserve.

If you, too, are not familiar with Farmer George, we recommend checking out their website as well as the Facebook Page they have created for the new Pflugerville Farmers Market. They also host an page on Instagram and X.

The market will reopen Tuesday, March 5th and will be open year-round from 3 pm – 7 pm. Until then, we will continue to bring preorders to the parking lot between 5 pm and 6 pm.

See you at the market!

About the Event:

Every year, we invite a 70 of our valued customers along with their families to embark on an exclusive tour showcasing our “pasture to plate” journey. This immersive experience covers everything from the management of our pastures to the care of our livestock, providing you with a comprehensive insight into the origins of your food.

What’s on Offer:

  • Educational Farm Tour
  • Hayride & Pasture Tour
  • BBQ Dinner Featuring Meat produced on the Ranch
  • Guest Speakers: Educational Demonstrations and Exhibits (to be announced)

Ticket Information:

  • Adult General Admission: $40 per person
  • Children (5-9 years): $25 (Little ones under 4 are free!)
  • Buyer’s Club Members: Free – one of your many club benefits (reservation required)


Raw A2/A2 Milk from Sowers Sustainable Farms

Duck Eggs Are Back!

We have duck eggs again, in limited supply, so be sure to pre-order of you’re interested!


Market Map

Not sure which market is closest to you? Click to see a Google Map of our market locations.

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New Year - New Market: The Transformation of the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market
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New Year - New Market: The Transformation of the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market
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