Breakfast Reimagined: Adding Liver to your Morning Menu

Breakfast Reimagined: Adding Liver to your Morning Menu

May 2024 vol. 2

Need an extra boost in the morning?  Getting tired of your breakfast routine?  Give liver a try!

For the past several months I’ve been working on trying to optimize my health.  I’ve recently rolled over the half-century mark and have really been struggling with fatigue, injuries, and recovery.  Working on the farm takes a lot of energy and subjects the body to a bit of abuse, and it doesn’t help that I’ve put on some hard miles in my younger years.  So, to combat entropy, I’ve been making some life changes. 

The biggest life hack we can make is to improve our diet – after all, you are what you eat.  Having an unlimited supply of meat and eggs, I tend to eat a protein-heavy diet.  That being said, it’s easy to get into a routine of cooking the same meals.  Particularly breakfast – with my standard fare being eggs with either bacon or sausage. With the objective of optimizing my diet, adding a bit of variety, and consuming some surplus product, I’ve recently added chicken livers to my breakfast routine.  Now I understand your first reaction may be “LIVER, YUCK!” but bear with me. 

Let’s first address the obvious misconception – taste and texture.  I’ll be first to concede that uncooked liver doesn’t hold much visual appeal, they’re pretty gross.  But once you’ve doused them in flour and fried them up in bacon grease, they’re quite delicious.  After cutting them into manageable pieces (I use scissors), I sprinkle with salt and pepper (and sometimes onion powder) and coat them with flour.   Drop them into some hot fat and cook them for about 1 minute on each side.  Once they’re cooked, the texture is quite manageable, and the taste is mild and delicious.  I really enjoy them dipped in the egg yolk, but I often snack on a few while I’m frying my eggs.  Again, this is a great alternative if you’re looking to mix things up for breakfast. 

Maybe you have been turned off to liver because of the misconception that the liver stores toxins.  It’s true that the liver FILTERS toxins, but the liver actually sends the toxins to the kidneys to be flushed out. If anything, toxins are stored in the fat.

The truth is liver is a nutritional powerhouse.  After having a breakfast of three eggs and three livers I feel great.  I typically don’t notice a surge of energy when I eat – but I sure do when I eat liver.  Unlike bacon or sausage, this meal is super easy to digest and packs quite the punch.  I feel great for several hours after breakfast – often carrying me well past midday.

Liver is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.   Just look at the stats!  I’m guessing that surge of energy is coming from the amount of B12 that only liver offers.  But as my mother would say “everything in moderation” because chicken liver has a pretty hefty dose of iron (good for young ladies, not so good for old men) and a fairly high dose of copper (though much less than beef liver). 

I’m very excited to share this awesome superfood and encourage you to give it a try. To make it easier to swallow, this week we’re offering 20% off chicken livers. You deserve to feel your best so put aside those unfounded prejudices and give this nutritional powerhouse a try!

See you at the market!

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