Spring Farm Tour 2024

Spring Farm Tour 2024

APRIL 2024 vol. 3

Last Sunday, we hosted an incredible Farm Tour at Amber Oaks Ranch, welcoming over 80 guests who were eager to learn about our sustainable farming methods and enjoy a day on the farm.

For those who couldn’t join us, here’s a recap: On April 21st, we opened our 70-acre ranch to the public. The day began with guests mingling around the house area, engaging with our guest vendors. They learned about beekeeping, picked up new cooking tips, browsed fresh vegetables for sale, and sampled homemade butter and biscuits. 

This year’s guest vendors included Josh & Tricia Sowers of Sowers Sustainable Farms, Natalie Weber of Babka Farms, James & Sarah Denman of Bee Salty, and Daniel of Burgeon Mushrooms. 

After a brief introduction and safety talk, John and I led guided tours around the property, describing our sustainable practices, including how we harvest rainwater, practice rotational grazing, and manage our livestock. The hayride that we took around the ranch gave our visitors a great perspective of the ranch’s various sections and the animals that call it home.

What made this event even more special was seeing children interacting with the animals and the land. They got to hold baby chicks, collect eggs, play on bulldozers and backhoes, make friends with our livestock guardian dogs, and learn about bees. The joy on their faces was priceless, and it was heartwarming to see them running wild and having fun.

We look forward to next year’s tour and hope you can join us!

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